February 16, 2012


Left: Friday afternoon, before the cut. For future reference, this is also my Bitch Face. Lord have mercy on any souls who have to see it in real life.

Middle: Yesterday, post-cut, pre-color.

Bottom: This morning, post-color, pre-ADDYs.

I got my hair cut again last weekend. More shaping, more thinning. And last night I colored it (Revlon ColorSilk #20 Black Brown) to maintain the brand standards I've set for myself for this weekend. I've chosen... (dun dun DUN) the dark side.

Speaking of the dark side: if my moodboard was an album, it would be Juju by Siouxsie and the Banshees. Homegirl has an amazing personal style (and is a complete badass). Highly recommended listening.

Highly recommended viewing: my "Mane" board on Pinterest clearly illustrates how hilariously conflicted I am about my hair right now. As in, now that I have some, what do I do with it? Apparently I have three options: afro, undercut, shaved. I know - so similar, right? Any input would be welcome.