February 9, 2012


Looking back on recent posts, I've noticed: this blog is veering strongly into "food porn" territory.

Which is fantastic. Clearly, I love everything about preparing and eating and documenting food. And I'm not sure why, but that realization was a surprise to me. I'm not fighting it, I guess I just didn't realize how often I create that kind of imagery. Maybe it's just a phase, or rather - a constant that's just stronger at the moment. Months will pass where I just don't want to prepare food as much. Don't get excited about new recipes, flavor combinations, healthy alternatives. It takes a backseat to work, or upcoming travel, or the never-ending edit. Eventually, it returns. It's not something you can force, only accept, and lean into.

I forget how much I haven't covered on this blog - my home, my habits, my background. I think I just need to be a bit more mindful of the extent of content I'm creating. More cognizant of the balance I want to strike.

Or maybe - food porn is just all I feel like sharing right now.

Oh yeah. Granola bars.

I've wanted to try making my own for quite some time. I snack a lot at work, and wanted to have delicious, vaguely healthy things on hand at my desk (I'm always amazed at the amount of sugar in store-bought granola bars). I followed this recipe, only omitting some of the sugar, and the optional peanut butter because I didn't have any, which is a crying shame, because peanut butter improves most things. I appreciate the flexibility of the recipe - my add-ins were whatever I did have on hand: almonds, peanuts, dried cranberries, some dark chocolate. They came together easily, and disappeared quickly. I will definitely be making more. If I don't tire of food before then.