June 20, 2012


On Saturday, I cut up a grapefruit as part of my fruit salad contribution to our grill-picnic. The carefully-dissected segments went into the salad bowl, and the juice went straight into a rocks glass. Because how can you not make a Greyhound, knowing that you still have some Hendrick's left over from all those Strawberry-Basil Smashes, and knowing that there is no better summer cocktail combination than fresh fruit juice + classic liquor?

(Does anyone else love dissecting grapefruit? Micah thinks it's a chore, but I love it. Repetitive, delicate work. And I love the tools of the trade: thin, curved knives and serrated spoons - like a surgical tea set. It all reminds me of visiting my grandparents in Florida when I was younger. They had all kinds of citrus trees on their property - fresh juice and segmented halves were a routine part of most mornings there. I was mesmerized by watching them and my parents segment grapefruits, and use those old-school hand juicers on oranges and lemons. Which is probably also why I love this drink so much - nostalgia will make anything taste better, yes?)

The answer, of course, is that you cannot not make a Greyhound. You have no choice but to top the gin and juice (yeahhh) with a huge fancy ice cube and retreat to the garden for a little quiet time before your guests arrive. Then, upon realizing that you have a huge pot of "Kentucky Colonel" spearmint growing expressly for cocktail creation, you have no choice but to pick a few leaves, crush them to release their muchness, and finger-stir them into what is now, undoubtedly, a Minthound.