June 29, 2012


Above: The dock in front of my parents' property, from last summer (photos from 2010 here).

Tomorrow afternoon, I leave for Michigan. For two whole weeks. I bought my tickets five months ago. I set up a countdown on my computer two months ago, and looked at it daily, just to make sure that time, in fact, was moving forward. I've been tracking the weather there for about a month. I've been packed since last weekend. Needless to say - I am excited.

I'm going to get to see my whole family. I'm going to get to stand next to one of my dearest childhood friends as she marries her partner-in-crime on the beach - and watch my mother officiate. I'm going to sit in the sauna until my heart starts to freak out, then run screaming into the clear, frigid waters of Lake Superior. I'm going to sit around bonfires until 4am, catching up with everyone and watching for aurora borealis (which, when I was younger, I thought was aliens). I'm going to pick wild blueberries. I'm going to watch storms roll in across the lake. I'm going to fall asleep to the sound of gently crashing waves. I'm going to get sand everywhere.

I'm going to have the time of my life.

Needless to say - posting over the next two weeks will be sporadic. I'm on vacation, after all. But I know I'll want to share the experience - you guys need to see 50 photos of the same sunset, and birds-eye shots of my feet on sand and in water, right? - so just hang in there. I'll have to come back to Earth at some point...