June 26, 2012


This weekend I transplanted the impatiens that were incubating in my Dad's awesome handcrafted seed trays. Some of them went to live in a shady corner between our front porch and our front porch stairs (as seen in the top two photos). The other half went in a wide, shallow pot, which is now nestled amongst other potted plants in one corner of the front porch.

And, in case you remember that I name all of my potted plants, I'm still waiting for a fabulous collective name for these ladies. The Busy Lizzies? The Supremes? It'll come to me.

And, in case you're wondering what everyone else's names are: the lavender in the bottom left is named Lily, because I thought it would be funny to name one plant after another. The "Dr. Seuss plant" above it (I have no idea what it is, so that's what I call it) is named Marshall. The aloe that he shares his pot with is Ted, because yes, I do love How I Met Your Mother (Lily fit in with that nicely as well). The chocolate mint plant next to the guys is The Easter Bunny.

I think the as-of-yet-named ladies will round out the group nicely.