June 27, 2012


Last night Micah called me on his way home from work and told me to pack a bag with his favorite bar key and a blanket I wouldn't mind getting dirty, and that he'd pick me up in five minutes. Surprise adventure time!

Turns out he had ordered a fine selection of barbequed meats and southern sides from Bullock's, one of Durham's most famous barbeque joints, plus some wine and beers from Whole Foods. We went to Sarah P. Duke Gardens (where we spent part of our amazing Easter) and found a secluded enclave in the Asian-themed garden to plop down, sneak drinks of beer/wine, and chow down on some barbeque while the sun started to set.

I'm ashamed to say that, after two years of living here, I had yet to try Carolina-style barbeque (which is vinegar-based, as opposed to the Kansas City/Texas tomato-based style I've been raised with). Barbeque is serious business in Durham, and Micah and I have decided to try a few different places before proclaiming any allegiance. Plus... it takes some getting used to, that vinegar-based barbeque. The same flavors are all still there, but I'm used to a sloppy, saucy mess of a meal with a little more sweetness.

Bullock's seems like a pretty classic example of Carolina-style barbeque. It came highly recommended by Micah's colleagues, and was a great place at which to start our Great Carolinian Barbeque Adventure. Onward!