April 15, 2013


Above: Sunday's breakfast. A hot mess of a sandwich. Herbed focaccia topped with cream cheese, avocado, pancetta, fried duck egg (so, so rich), and sauteed pearl onions and beech mushroom caps.

Saturday morning, we woke up early and hit the farmer's market. Usually we just buy vegetables and fruit there, but this time we got a whole chicken, some super-lean ground beef, and six duck eggs. Protein! (We also got some vegetable and herb seedlings, and some herbed focaccia from Loaf.) Then we stopped at Dain's for Bloody Marys before hitting Home Depot for chicken coop supplies, before hitting Motorco for another round of Bloody Marys. Lycopene! The rest of the day was lazy and domestic – the kind where you can take a three hour nap without a second thought.

I stayed inside all day Sunday – mostly because the outdoors were / are awash with clouds of yellow pollen and tiny green inchworms floating around on their creepy silks, both waiting to land on me and make me break out in hives. I taste-tested my salted caramel ice cream and mint-infused bourbon (more on those later), caught up on laundry, watched Dr. No with Micah, and read.

I'm not sure what this week holds. I don't have any obligations or plans, which usually makes for the most blessedly relaxing – or surprisingly exciting – of times. Or maybe it just means making more ice cream / pasta / bourbon.