April 8, 2013


Above: Sunday's breakfast. Shirred eggs with sage breakfast sausage, basil, and cheddar. Whole wheat English muffins with brie and rhubarb-strawberry (and the slightest amount of beet, for color) compote.

This weekend was lovely and full. On Saturday, I woke up early to volunteer at the annual Rock and Shop Market (check out their Instagram for pictures - including the third-from-last one, featuring a super-excited yours-truly). It was my first time going, and I had a blast. I signed up for the first shift, which basically meant I (and the three other women in my shift) helped direct vendor traffic in the parking lot, helped them carry all their goods to their table (and find their table in the first place - there were over 75 vendors there!), and answered any questions that came our way - or found someone who could. Once the Market opened its doors to the general public, I helped direct people to the main room, handed out free totes, and tried to look and be as helpful as possible. I also just got to connect with a lot of great, creative, driven people, and give Durham some of my energy. I will definitely volunteer again next year.

After my shift ended, Micah and I sat on the sunny porch at Hummingbird Bakery, had a beer and shared our mornings with each other. He had spent his setting up new accounts at a bank that actually has locations in this state - and so he could deposit all the money we've saved so far for a house into one place. An exciting baby step. After that, we ran by our favorite hot-mess thrift/antique store/hoarder house, Everything But Grannies Panties, to see if they had anything Micah could use for his chicken coop project. We spent the rest of the (long, warm) afternoon in the backyard - him constructing nesting boxes, me pulling weeds and turning soil.

Sunday was a little more of the same - Weekend Breakfast, backyard time, and grilling. Today I'm restocking the fridge and cleaning up the house for my mom's arrival tomorrow. Even though its only for about 24 hours (lovingly called a "hit and run"  or "drive-by" in our family), I'm looking forward to it - and I need to start chilling her chardonnay now.