April 1, 2013


Above: Sunday's breakfast. Deconstructed egg soufflé with cinnamon toast. Micah basically made a savory egg white meringue, then nestled the saved yolks (and a splash of cream) in the middle of the ramekin before baking. The result was crazy - the contrast in textures played up the difference between the cloud-like white and dense, silky yolk perfectly. Plus there were toast soldiers (a term I apparently picked up from living in England that is NOT widely-used here) for dunking!

This weekend was the best. Micah had Good Friday off - so I also took the afternoon off to watch him start building a test chicken coop in our backyard. For someone who claims to not know how to build stuff, what he has so far is very impressive.

We wanted to revive some aspect of last year's unexpectedly awesome Easter, but the weather (and the schedule at the Carolina Theatre) weren't cooperating. Instead, we drove around outside of our downtown bubble to check out some for-sale houses that had recently caught our eye. Later, we parked downtown, and walked to Dos Perros to share drinks (I unabashedly enjoyed something called a "Tardy to the Party") and appetizers and opinions on what we had seen. Our house dreamings are evolving and in-sync – I could talk with him for hours about what we do / do not like in certain houses, how much land we need vs. want, and what we plan to do with the small corner of the earth that we'll one day claim for ourselves.