April 10, 2013


From the top: the scarf arrived in a printed canvas envelope-bag. Instagram evidence of its constant wear. A close-up of the silk-cotton blend.

After missing out entirely on the first batch, envying all the wear Kathleen was getting out of hers, lusting after all the different sold-out patterns for months, pouncing on my favorite the instant new inventory came in, and waiting a month for them to ship, I finally own a Block Shop scarf!

It's an instant heirloom. A scarf for all seasons. I love how big yet light it is – truly versatile. When I want a light layer, I'll loosely loop and tie it around my neck a few times. When I need protection against wind or cold, I'll wrap it shemagh-style over my head and tuck it into my jacket. When I want to feel like Stevie Nicks, I'll wear it open around my shoulders, like a witchy shawl. I imagine in Michigan this summer I'll be using it as a sarong and beach blanket as well. It's so versatile, that I've donated all my other scarves. It's the perfect example of something I want to keep in my wardrobe: multi-purpose, well-designed, has good vibes, makes me feel beautiful, and goes with everything else I own.