April 22, 2013


Top two: Saturday's breakfast. Egg white omelet stuffed with spinach and topped with smoked salmon, shaved asparagus, and taleggio. Side of toasted English muffin with taleggio. (I'm a fan of taleggio.)

Bottom two: Sunday's breakfast. Elvis crepecakes! Peanut butter crepes/pancakes stuffed with chocolate and banana, topped with peanut butter-honey spread, fried pancetta, and coffee syrup.

This weekend was slow and lazy. Friday night we stayed up late drinking and playing music for each other. Saturday morning was subsequently late. Sunday Micah made some progress on the chicken coop, and we went out for crispy pork belly ramen and Sunday-funday drinks.

This week, I'm looking forward to my massage. I schedule them regularly for myself (maybe – once every six weeks or so) and absolutely believe in the good they do for my body. I've been going to The Retreat at Brightleaf and am in love with Margo, if any Durhamites are looking for a good place to start.