April 29, 2013


Top two: Saturday's breakfast. Biscuits and sausage gravy, bacon and white cheddar scrambled eggs, and cinnamon toast with cream cheese frosting. I'm gonna let you in on a little secret: whenever you see biscuits and gravy, it means we are hungover.

Bottom two: Sunday's breakfast. Molasses biscuit cinnamon rolls with molasses cream cheese frosting, and poached egg with bacon, breakfast sausage, and Parmesan. Micah bought a bottle of molasses on a whim and I am into it.

Friday night, we celebrated big with a small walking and drinking tour of Ninth Street. Saturday, we drove by two very different houses that were not immediately dismissed because of location or neighborhood (a first!). We enjoyed absolutely perfect grilling weather: mostly cloudy, that "non-temperature" that's not cool or warm, a breeze, and no flies or mosquitos. He experimented with smoking a whole chicken while we talked about those houses and upcoming vacations. Sunday was rainy and chill – we made a palette on the living room floor and put in some very serious Lazing Around time.