November 8, 2011


I'm working towards a Uniform Wardrobe. As in, I eventually want everything I own to go with everything else - to make Liz-uniforms. I want to take as much thinking out of getting dressed as possible. Not that I don't enjoy it - I just want it to be easy. And I want everything that I have to choose from to fit well and look great on me. It's definitely an ongoing process.

So. When I find an item that meets all those standards, and passes the Uniform Wardrobe Test, I buy multiples. (Hello.) I am definitely one of those people. The hardest thing is jeans and pants. It's so difficult to find a pair that fits all your nooks and crannies. And I feel like I can only find such pants in the clearance section of some store I've never been in before. The intoxicating joy of finding such a deal is quickly replaced by the nauseating realization that these are discontinued and will never be made again and I should probably just become a nudist.

But! Last winter I bought a pair of navy skinny corduroys from the Gap. And I loved them. My nooks and crannies loved them. And I immediately regretted not buying them in every other color available. I kept an eye for online sales, to no avail. I hoped that maybe Gap would bring them back this year?, but they did not seem to get the request that I did not send them.

So I did something I've never done before: searched eBay for (lightly) used clothing. Apparently this is a thing that ladies do? Apparently eBay is still around? My mind was blown.

There was only one pair of the cords listed. And. They were. In my size. And in a color called "Killer Tomato," which is badass. So I bought them. It was wonderful to know that they were going to fit before I even got them. And since the majority of my current wardrobe is dark neutrals and jewel tones (read: redhead colors), this brings a nice pop of awesome to my Liz-uniforms (...Liziforms?). And brings me one step closer to the Uniform Wardrobe.