November 10, 2011


Left: My parents, before they were my parents, at their high school prom in 1977 (you just have to trust me on this - they were both wearing head-to-toe peach). Right: at the cabin last summer, just after our annual disastrous Christmas card photo session. I told them to pretend like they still liked each other. (They just celebrated their 30th anniversary in September!)

My mom is visiting this weekend! I'm taking tomorrow off work, so I can pick her up from the airport and immediately begin our action-packed weekend activities- we have a lot of wine-drinking and catching-up and Yahtzee-playing to do. I haven't seen her since August.

I tell my parents (and my brothers) that I got all the best genes from both of them - in looks and personality. Like my dad, I'm dry, analytical, and can repurpose anything. Like my mom, I'm creative, lavish, and compulsively rearrange furniture.

I don't even know why they had three more children.