November 17, 2011


I love living close to where I work - mainly because I can easily go home for lunch (or a lunchnap) if I want to. I can make a great little mid-day meal in my own kitchen. I can clean up whatever mess I didn't clean up the night before. I can watch an episode of 30 Rock.

Or I can just make cookies, like I did yesterday.

To be fair - the dough was already prepared. But still. I wouldn't be surprised if I soon receive some sort of award for Workday Domesticity in the mail. Martha Stewart can lick my foot. (Not really! I love her.)

Basically, I followed the recipe from the back of a bag of chocolate chips and then free-styled. These cookies are studded with butterscotch and milk chocolate chips, plus a ton of oats. Maybe a little bit of cinnamon? - I honestly forget. They are charmingly simple, cloyingly sweet, and super soft.

I may have eaten four of them on my way to work this morning and called it breakfast.

And now I have nothing to eat for lunch.