November 15, 2011


This afternoon I walked over to the newly-opened DaisyCakes in downtown Durham for a little mid-day sugar fix. They've been a mainstay of Durham's food truck scene from the beginning - serving cupcakes and other completely irresistible baked goods from a renovated Airstream named Sugar. And last Friday, they opened their brick-and-mortar location on Foster Street - not a block away from the Farmer's Market that they've been sugaring up for the last few years.

I had the Candied Bacon and Maple cupcake, which I could not make last more than four bites, and a generous Americano. Both, obviously, amazing. I can't wait to go back for lunch - the sandwich options all looked delicious. Everyone was super friendly; the atmosphere was casual, modern, warm; the food was quality.

Basically, it's everything I love about Durham, but with candied bacon on top. I will be back.