January 7, 2013


Top: Faux-Christmas Day breakfast. Apple rosette tart with cranberry-whiskey syrup.

Middle: New Year's Day breakfast. Oeuf en coquette with sopressata, crispy pork jowl bits, cheese, and kale chips (from the garden). Side of toast and clementine wedges.

Bottom: Sunday's breakfast. Oeuf en coquette with sopressata, romesco, and spinach, and a side of biscuit cinnamon rolls that look like googly eyes.

Just some greatest hits from the holidays to get the week started. We got a set of those tiny roasters from one of my brothers (who sheepishly admitted with a shrug, "Somehow I know you guys like cooking tiny shit") and we've been making various versions of oeuf en coquette ever since.

This week I'm trying to reinstate some sort of routine into my daily... routine. Last week brought a pretty epic head cold that left me feeling like a dripping zombie, and I just kind of doggy-paddled through the days. This week I'm back!, and better than ever, and still super-excited about 2013.