January 21, 2013


Top three: Saturday's breakfast. Blueberry pancakes with blueberry syrup, and poached egg on a bed of winter pesto (made with kale from the garden!), topped with roasted red peppers and crispy leek.

Bottom two: Sunday's breakfast. I called it "Vegetarian Man Breakfast." Fried egg with cheese crust, spicy fried butternut squash with barbecue sauce, and a biscuit with butter and jam.

This weekend was uncharacteristically warm, so we made an extra effort to soak up the vitamin D with a leisurely Sunday stroll around our neighborhood, and choosing the outdoor tables at Fullsteam instead of the indoor tables.

My car broke down at the end of last week (the starter - thank goodness it's safely in the driveway), so early this week I'm dealing with having it towed and repaired. I'm extra-grateful I work from home right now (and that the garage I'm using is three blocks away) - usually a car breakdown is way more inconvenient. Also! Micah got me/us tickets to go see Yo La Tengo on Wednesday in Chapel Hill - and I'm excited to see them again, as they are my favorite band, and always a great show.