January 14, 2013


This weekend, I finally broke in my amazing new Oklahoma City market bag (custom-commissioned by Shop Good from Apolis, then gifted to me by the Shannons). Well - Micah did. I was enjoying a tour of Chapel Hill's finer grocery stores with my good friend Natalie, so Micah headed off to Durham's farmer's market with the bag to see what was lookin' good and fresh - and to rep OKC in style.

We both returned home with a random-er-than-usual assortment of produce and goods (including a new fern, and those sweet little carrots). And you know how it is when you suddenly have ALL! NEW! FOODS! - you become overwhelmed by the variety, and want to try everything immediately, and end up nibbling on little bits of everything just because it's there, instead of preparing proper meals. And so it went.

But! This week I'm hoping to focus a bit more on that front. I received pasta rolling and cutting attachments for my KitchenAid mixer as Christmas gifts from my parents (as well as an "artisan pasta" cookbook), and a vintage ravioli plaque from Micah. So - this week I'm going to break everything in all at once and make ravioli from scratch. Wish me luck!