January 26, 2013


Left: Friday's BLIZZARD.

Right: Stripped Hendrick's bottles and empty Fullsteam growlers on our "bar."

Weekend blog! I'm trying it out.

Yesterday, Durham got some snow and ice, so Micah came home a bit early to be on the safe side. Even though working from home cuts out any anticipation of "snow days" for me, I was still excited. We bundled up and skated to Dain's Place for dinner, beers, and more beers – because the best part about not being able to drive anywhere is that you don't have to drive anywhere!

Tomorrow we're heading over to our favorite Durham brewery to celebrate the launch of a new year-round beer: a ginger pale ale called Cackalacky. I'm pretty certain I'm going to love it: ginger? pale ale? Fullsteam? – it's got my name written all over it. (...And Cackalacky's, which is apparently a nickname for North Carolina.) I'll keep you updated – most conveniently through my Instagram account (where these photos where taken).