January 8, 2013


Top: Flying in to Tulsa, as opposed to the usual Oklahoma City.

Middle: The Cross Timbers between Tulsa and Oklahoma City. What, didn't everyone learn about the Cross Timbers in high school?

Bottom: Tenkiller Lake in eastern Oklahoma. Lower than usual.

I really enjoy visiting Oklahoma now that I've been in North Carolina for a few years. When I was growing up here, I didn't really appreciate the landscape. In fact, I didn't realize there was even a landscape to speak of. Now, I dig the expansive prairies, the scrubby man-formed lakes, the wild earthy palette of everything, that big-huge, infinity-neverending, final-frontier sky - and the howling, earth-shattering wind that comes out of it. Micah and I drove all over northern, eastern, and central Oklahoma on our last trip back to visit family, and I was pleasantly surprised by how nostalgic the Oklahoma landscape made me.