March 14, 2013


Above: my wardrobe credenza and closet. And favorite denim jacket that I've had forever.

So, after a few rounds of The Never-Ending Edit, here's what I'm left with. My current wardrobe. (This doesn't include accessories, socks, or underwear – but I promise I have them, and even wear them from time to time.)

3 long-sleeve shirts
3 boatneck 3/4-length shirts 
8 deep-V short-sleeve shirts
2 chambray button-ups
2 silky racerback tanks
1 peasant top
1 tunic
4 cardigans/wraps
3 sweaters
(27 pieces)

4 pairs pants (2 pairs wide-leg, 1 pair cropped skinny, 1 pair skinny corduroys)
3 pairs jeans (1 pair flares, 2 pairs skinny)
2 pairs shorts
(9 pieces)

5 short dresses
2 long dresses
(7 pieces)

2 winter coats (1 long, 1 short)
1 denim jacket
1 black blazer
2 pairs boots (1 pair biker, 1 pair rain)
9 pairs shoes (1 pair heels, 1 pair wedges, 3 pairs oxfords, 3 pairs flats, 1 pair running)
(15 pieces)

2 pairs pajama pants
1 pair comfy shorts
2 pairs leggings
4 tank tops 
2 t-shirts (1 Duke, 1 Michigan)
(11 pieces)

...which adds up to a grand total of 69 pieces. (Unless my math is wrong, which is very possible...)

I've seen some people limit themselves to a certain number of items, or force themselves to get rid of an item whenever they acquire a new one. I'm not sure what path I'm taking, I just wanted to take stock of what I own. The Never-Ending Edit strikes when it strikes... I'm sure that won't end just because I've made a list. (Though now that I see that extremely sexy yet random number, a little part of me does want to just cut it down to something round and catchy like 50.)

The exercise of tallying and listing everything was more powerful than I expected. I'd highly recommend it if you're even pondering editing down your wardrobe or possessions.

I'm also super-excited that now I have a definitive list I can update whenever I edit or purchase anything in the future. Organization!

UPDATE: I've donated even more since this post.