March 18, 2013


Top two: Saturday's breakfast. Everything bagel with plain cream cheese from Bruegger's. Yes - this definitely turned my poop green.

Bottom two: Sunday's breakfast. Cackalacky fried egg over roasted vegetables. Side of biscuit and mushroom gravy.

This weekend I honored St. Patrick's Day as tradition dictates, by celebrating way too much. At least I kept it classy though - ducking out of the cold and having wine and crostini at Pizzeria Toro while Micah ran around and took pictures of a nearby carnival / rap video shoot (oh, Durham). Then we headed over to Alley Twenty Six for a few more rounds of wine / beer / crafty cocktails. I crashed early and now here we are: two days away from Spring and back in the workweek.

This week I think I'll start planting seeds or seedlings for whatever form our garden takes this year. My potted kale is still going strong, and my potted rosemary / Christmas topiary seems to love all seasons, but I'm ready to celebrate Spring as tradition dictates - with something fresh and new.