March 25, 2013


Top two: Saturday's breakfast. McDonald's breakfast redux! Sharp cheddar, egg and Italian sausage "McMuffin," sweet potato shoestring "hash browns," and "apple pie" crumble. Micah is a genius.

Bottom two: Sunday's breakfast. Sweet and savory phyllo tarts. Sweet: sauteed vanilla pear and ricotta with granola and homemade habanero honey. Savory: mushroom and spinach scramble with white cheddar, bacon and scallions.

Ah, this weekend. Spring cameth, and Spring ...went...eth away. Micah had a devil of a week at work, so I took him out for dinner and beer at the Federal (our favorite Durham dive-bar-that-serves-disproportionately-inventive-food). Then he took me to Six Plates (we sat right next to the cellar) for dessert and wine and bracket-monitoring.

Sunday was rainy, and blustery, and sunless. We watched movies and old episodes of Cheers (Netflix has all 275 episodes, and I've never seen it before - get ready for lots of Sam and Diane references!) and Micah made fajitas in Jolene, his cast-iron skillet. I also churned the custard I made on Friday (for the most magical chocolate ice cream that I talk about whenever I talk about ice cream), and pushed it all the way to the back of the freezer to set up and deepen in flavor for three whole days, like a goddamn fine wine. It's a practice in patience that I will gladly repeat over and over again.