March 13, 2013


Yesterday morning, I put out two paper grocery bags full of clothes on my front porch for VVA pick-up. This round was slightly different than past donations, in that it had a bit of a theme: color.

Last year I wrote about my style wheelhouse – what I gravitate towards, buy multiples of, and wear constantly. I came to the conclusion that pattern just wasn't for me, that I'm more of a dark-neutrals-with-bright-redhead-pops kinda woman. But even in rereading that now, I can start to see The Never-Ending Edit slowly work its way a little farther into my brain (and heart). Bright color was an exception then. Maybe I just wasn't ready to commit to something more streamlined, more extreme, more... edited.

But, just like clockwork, a few months pass, the season changes, and I revisit my closet again to see what's worth keeping. The first few items into the "donate" pile were brightly-colored versions of items I also had in dark neutrals (like these corduroys). They were exactly the same in every way except color, yet they weren't getting near as much wear. I know a pattern (pun intended!) when I see one. So I leaned into it.

(Though not without a practical pause now and then. I have two winter coats, one short and one long. The long one is HELLO FIRE ENGINE RED, and I kept it – because I need a long winter coat!)

(...OR DO I?...)

Now I'd guess my wardrobe is about 40% black, 40% grey, and the remaining 20% is nude, white, navy/chambray, with a rare "pop" of rust or evergreen – the last bastion of my redhead-palette past. It feels more "me" than it ever has. Each round, I get a bit closer to a closet where I can unthinkingly reach in, grab anything, and wear it with any other item, have it coordinate, and fit my body in a comfortable and pleasing way.

Many of you have been curious as to what exactly I do own (or rather – choose to keep through round after round of The Never-Ending Edit). So tomorrow, I'll break down my wardrobe in all its shrinking entirety.