March 11, 2013


Top two: Saturday's breakfast. Egg pile! Toast square, fresh spinach, sauteed asparagus, egg fried in balsamic red pepper sauce, shiitake mushrooms, and shaved parmesan. Side of rosemary roasted sweet and purple potatoes.

Bottom two: Sunday's breakfast. Breakfast sandwich! Toasted whole wheat pan bread with melted cheddars, avocado, cilantro, spinach, and scrambled egg. Side of fruit salad.

This weekend was all about celebrating the sun's slow but steadily-increasing presence in our lives. On Saturday, we walked around the farmer's market and checked out Nomadic Trading Company, a worldy and eclectic warehouse emporium that's been unknowingly right under my nose for years. Then we enjoyed a beer outside at Fullsteam, went home, and I set up a chair in the backyard to soak up even more sun (and watch Micah do some yardwork).

On Sunday, we drove out to Eno River State Park, and hiked slowly along the river to once again take advantage of the perfect sunny-with-a-breeze spring weather. Everywhere we looked, trees were budding, and tiny flowers were pushing through three months' worth of dead leaves. And once again, we set up camp in the backyard afterwards, had a drink, and soaked up all we could until the sun set and we were forced inside for the night.

This week, I'm looking forward to temperatures in the sixties, and after-work walks with Micah, both sponsored by the bonus hour of daylight we just got. I'm also donating another round of clothes, and laying out for you guys exactly what my wardrobe consists of now.