May 1, 2013


Above: sometimes I work from the dining nook so I can prop my feet up and enjoy the backyard view (photo from my Instagram).

Today is my six-month anniversary of working at Braid Creative. It feels like so much longer, because I'm now so far removed from my former job, routine, and life. Seriously – this was a life-changing decision for me, and I'm still realizing the extent. (Read my one-month anniversary post here.)

I still love working from home, but have realized I definitely need a defined office space/room – something I won't have until we move (whenever that is). I need a door to close when the day is over, a space with its own special energy, a place to cocoon myself against domestic duties when necessary. That being said – I still love the flexibility I have to jump back and forth between house stuff and work stuff, but have realized I need to constantly prioritize, or else I get scattered and distracted. Especially now that I've started making pasta.

I've had the pleasure of sitting front row while Kathleen and Tara evolve Braid as they see new needs and opportunities arise. Since I've started, they've launched three ECourses, and their first-ever workshop is this weekend! After working within the ladder-like structure of a larger agency for so long, I'm impressed with how much power they have to notice a need for change, and then immediately create that change. No department heads, no upper management meetings, none of the bureaucracy I'm sure we've all felt the weight of before. Just the steady drive and sometimes-still-mysterious intuition of two sisters with a certain born-and-bred quirk and well-honed approach to creating. I like them, I respect and admire them, and I trust them implicitly. (Plus they're cool with me running away to Michigan for a month this summer.) And those are the kinds of bosses you want to keep.