May 2, 2012


Micah and I got the most thoughtful package from my dad this weekend - a set of four handcrafted seed trays, with this note:

"Liz and Micah - These are some seed starting trays for your next 'crop.' They are made from decay-resistant 'Brimley cedar,' so you don't need any liners. Enjoy! - Dad/Kevin"

The cedar smells so good, especially after sitting in the sun for a few hours. Like the sauna in the big cabin. Now I know why people line closets with this stuff.

I decided to start dwarf impatiens seeds in them - a flower I always associate with my mom, and summer. Plus, with all the Englewood Gardens craziness happening over the last few weeks, I've completely neglected to think about flowers for the front porch. (Plus plus, I just found out that the impatiens' nickname is "Busy Lizzy." That can't be a coincidence.)

I love that he flattened and inverted a gin carton to create a perfectly-sized, mail-system-appropriate box. That's some design-thinking right there. And now I'm thinking about gin-and-tonics. At 8:30am.

Thanks, Dad!