May 31, 2012


Meet my massive basil plant. His name is Legolas. (Yes, I do name all of my potted plants.) His name is Legolas because initial harvest/trimmings have left him kind of... leggy. I've also been watching the LoTR trilogy a lot lately, and have a fatal predisposition towards terrible, horrible, weaksauce puns. So. Legolas.

Massive basil gets it's name from it's leaves - massive basil is massive, ya'll. I know - I'm going to let the profundity of that sink in for a bit. I have to remember to take a leaf or two every few days, lest Legolas become too top-heavy. Today's lunch made good use of their elephantine, cup-like figures by holding a deconstructed caprese salad.

I can't wait to use my own tomatoes for these - caprese salads are one of my favorite summer meals.

And yes, I did eat this in front of Legolas. He remained stoic, moving only to shoot down an Uruk-hai that was trying to sneak up behind me. That dude's a pro.