August 29, 2012


This drink marks the end of summer. This drink is the End of Summer. I read this deliciously-photographed post not long after I found those forgotten boat ride photos, and I thought, yes. It's the end of summer, and that's okay. Because it doesn't just mean that the cabin and my tanlines and daily caprese salads are over for another year - it means that layered clothes, unbelievable foliage, and hot toddies are right around the corner (as is my birthday).

These flavors straddle the two seasons nicely - the heavy sunshine juiciness of ripe peach, brightened by mint and lemon juice, balance out whiskey's autumnal warmth. Classier types will probably want to strain this before drinking, but the idea of getting my fiber from a cocktail tickles me just right, so I left it in. Also, I served it in Micah's drinking jar, because it felt very Garden & Gun (and it essentially doubled it). Cheers: to seasons, and all the glorious change that comes with each.