August 7, 2012


Last weekend, Micah and I set aside an afternoon to revisit the dark corners of our closet and Get Rid Of Some Stuff. Really, Micah was just going to do it, but once I saw that he had started a "donate" and "trash" pile, I physically couldn't stop myself from doing the same. It's an illness - albeit one that creates a beautiful, calming, streamlined home.

He went through a few boxes that he had packed when he moved here, and had not since opened. Art supplies, trinkets, workout stuff - you know. He also made a pretty solid pass through his clothes, and ended up donating a large garbage bag full of Stuff (and throwing away and equally large bag as well). I ended up filling a paper grocery bag with clothes: work pants I'm not comfortable sitting in for long periods of time, pieces that require finicky ironing - I'm really getting picky at this point, and I love it.

Then I hit my desk. I had been meaning to clean it out ever since I found this beauty on a curb a week ago. I went through all my Important Papers and discovered over half of them weren't as Important as they had been a year (or two) ago. House stuff, moving-to-North-Carolina stuff, old tax stuff. I also got rid of some superfluous craft and office supplies that I hadn't touched in over a year.

I moved the remaining supplies into the new desk, and we're currently trying out the old desk as a bar/buffet in the dining nook. (Our small space requires some creative furniture repurposing from time to time. For example: I'm currently using the Thonet-esque bentwood chair in that desk picture - also a recent curbside find - as a nightstand right now. The Never-Ending Edit requires flexibility and a certain demented creativity.)