September 6, 2012


Bottom two: My hotel room views. I got a corner room!

Like I said, I'm in Oklahoma City all week, coordinating production on a client television shoot. I'm staying in the absolutely magnificent Skirvin Hilton, and it's making my travels feel terribly glamorous.

This trip is equal parts lonely and fabulous, hard and easy, big and small. It's reminding me of the freedom of living alone, and how much I miss sharing a bed and a home with someone. It's feeding my minimalism dreamings by making me believe that I could truly (maybe) live out of a suitcase - while hypocritically enjoying in one of the city's most opulent hotels. It's flexing my organizational muscles and letting my design muscles rest - but not really, because it's hard to turn off creativity. Once an art director, always an art director.

The shoot wraps this afternoon (hopefully), and I'm looking forward to tying up all the loose ends on Friday, sleeping for at least twelve hours in my huge square bed with six pillows, all alone, and then flying home to squeeze in one weekend day with Micah before the week - and work - starts up again.