September 24, 2012


Top two: Saturday's breakfast. Arugula salad with a fried egg and various homemade condiments (caramelized onions, hot pepper jelly), and a side of roasted potatoes and grilled Italian sausage.

Bottom two: Sunday's breakfast. Parmesan-jalapeño scramble with grilled Italian sausage and a Parmesan-jalapeño corn muffin. It was like the "Parmesan-jalapeño" episode of Chopped. And everyone won.

The first weekend of fall! And it was, weather-wise. Micah and I went on an hour-long walk around Duke's East Campus (ending, unexpectedly, in mediocre sushi from the new place on Ninth Street and beers at Dain's). The weather was so perfect and refreshing. Warm in the sun, but with a breeze, and chilly in the shade. Related: I'm wearing socks today!