September 10, 2012


Above: Saturday's (very early pre-flight) breakfast. Room service!

I'm back in Durham, my eyes and brain and feet still recovering from last week. Yesterday I even made myself a ghetto foot spa by filling a styrofoam cooler with hot water, sea salt, lavender oil, and lemon. I soaked my feet for about an hour while watching Harry Potter movies, then pumiced all the nasty dead skin off and rehydrated with a mixture of castor oil, baby oil, and lavender oil. It was so relaxing that I'm considering making it a semi-regular thing.

Today I'm starting to oversee a new employee in our creative department at work - it's my first time training and working "over" someone, and it's definitely stretching new managerial muscles. I also moved office spaces and got a new computer, so... yeah. All kinds of transitions. Change. Onward! Upward! ...right after I take a million naps.