September 25, 2012


Yeah, I'm roasting stuff again. You know you love it.

This time I'm branching out from veggies, though. I had a half-bag of black seedless grapes starting to get a little raisin-y, so I thought... it worked for raisin-y tomatoes... this... this could be a thing, right? Surely, someone has roasted grapes before. And, once again, the internet confirmed how unoriginal I am. I followed the proportions in this recipe - and totally got behind the addition of a few rosemary sprigs (from the garden, natch).

The finished product is way sexy. The color is absolutely lurid - almost inappropriately so. The taste combines all the best parts of berry jams and red wine - and the rosemary cuts the potentially cloying sweetness and makes it taste and smell all... grown-up. That recipe frames this as a condiment for cheese, but I've also successfully spooned it into my morning yogurt parfaits. Micah mentioned it might even compliment pork, in that way that sweet, fruity chutneys do sometimes.

::Starts rooting through the fridge, trying to figure out what-all to roast next::