September 14, 2012


Above: photo by Vienna Glenn Photography. I'd like to say this is from a French-movie-themed boudoir shoot I commissioned for myself, but alas. It is not. The photographer captured me in a rare moment of stillness while preparing for my good friend Ashley's wedding.

Today is my last day as a twenty-seven year-old.

It's been a fabulous, tough-but-rewarding, growing-pains kind of year - I'm starting to shake off the uncertainty of the last decade while refining and taking control of how I want my life to look for the next decade. I'm celebrating the end of twenty-seven by taking the afternoon off, getting my hair cut (I'm totally over trying to grow it out right now), getting my car detailed, and having a drink by myself on a patio somewhere.

Tomorrow, I'm starting off twenty-eight with a massage. Micah is taking me out for dinner, and we're trying out Durham's newest bar. It's going to be an amazing year.