September 21, 2012


So, my other favorite birthday present was from Jeremy & Kathleen. They gave me a Kindle - which is so perfect for me that it makes my brain hurt. I didn't even know how much I wanted one until they gave it to me (just before a fabulous dinner at Ludivine - easily one of the best restaurants in Oklahoma City, and definitely the most Durham-y). But Jeremy and Kathleen knew.

Because, fuck yes, I love to read. As part of my morning routine, as part of my precious air travel experience, as part of my general ongoing development as a human being. But. I'm also addicted to The Never-Ending Edit. To continuously paring down my wardrobe and belongings to the most beautiful and most useful. And books fall into a grey area here - because I find the information beautiful and useful, but damn, books take up a lot of space.

My "gentleman's library filled with over-stuffed Chesterfield sofas, whiskey vault, multiple roaring fireplaces, and books up to the ceiling" dreamings is in direct conflict with my "living in a modernist cabin in the wilderness with spare Scandinavian furniture and only the belongings I can carry in my fabulous leather backpack while I forage for wild mushrooms" dreamings. You know?

So this Kindle is my next step towards a minimalist library. I don't think I'll ever be able to get rid of all my books - some hold sentimental value that I can't shake, and some exist solely to be leafed through and touched. Behold, the power of design! But about 75% of my books are just fiction that I enjoy revisiting from time to time for the story. And now, I'll be able to carry all those stories with me on a significantly smaller footprint.