September 4, 2012


Top two: Sunday's breakfast. Micah's leftover Dain's brunch (crispy sweet potato cake, sauteed tomatoes and corn, Farmhand Foods sausage link) with a fried egg and homemade hot pepper jelly.

Bottom two: Courtesy of the-one-and-only Kathleen. Sweet-spicy sweet potato hash with fried eggs. This is paleo, right?!...

Long weekend! Saturday's breakfast was also amazing - as I said above, we went back to Dain's Place (we are forever going back to Dain's Place, as they change their brunch menu about quarterly). I had this, which is basically a dessert grilled cheese for breakfast (I am forever ordering various versions of grilled cheeses, as they are my favorite thing ever). Saturday, Micah took me to a New Age-y concert he had won tickets for at the Durham Performing Arts Center. We got overdressed and enjoyed ourselves immensely, dispite being completely unfamiliar with the music. Sunday, I flew out to Oklahoma City (I'm coordinating props and wardrobe for another TV shoot). Monday, I spent some quality time with Kathleen and Jeremy, and tried to acclimate to this brutal Oklahoma heat that I'm no longer immune to. 

Today, I'm running around gathering last-minute props and wardrobe. This is going to be one of those super-long, super-tiring, super-rewarding weeks that I think is going to kill me going into it, but then remember fondly looking back it.