May 15, 2012


On Sunday afternoon, Micah and I escaped Durham's Mother's Day/graduation weekend insanity and drove out to Eno River State Park to get our nature on. It was only about a ten minute drive, but I felt like we were really far from home - in a good way.

There were a lot of different trails to choose from, but we just kind of started walking and hoped for the best (but not before peeing one last time in the awesome state park cabin-bathrooms). It reminded me of being a kid - when you were just shoved outdoors and expected to explore and make your own fun. That suspension footbridge was some epic Indiana Jones shit. We also came across a weird grey stork-like bird fishing (where was David Attenborough to narrate?) and an abandoned cabin (probably totally haunted).

We'll definitely be back. I can't imagine how beautiful it would be in the fall. Next time, I want to find some cheap aqua shoes so we can splash around in the river. They also have a picnic area equipped with old-school built-in grills and fire pits that we need to take advantage of. Burgers and corn cobs and s'mores, oh my!