May 30, 2013


Above: Time-lapse basil. It all started when I got a packet of seeds (and a branded drinkin' jar) from Fullsteam Brewery to commemorate the release of their Summer Basil Farmhouse Ale, and now I somehow have four different kinds of basil in two different pots: genovese, Thai, purple, and lemon. (You can see the genovese, Thai and lemon seedlings in that "after" pot.)

The garden is doing pretty well. My potted grape tomato is growth-spurting all over the place - I should have my first tomatoes next week. All the herbs are flourishing in the early summer heat, especially the mint. I've bookmarked several recipes (including mint sorbet, inspired by a version I had at our favorite wine bar recently) for the bounty I know I'll be harvesting. I walk out to the basil once or twice a day to clip a few strategic leaves for omelets / salads / cocktails, and I get so much pleasure out of that simple ritual. Micah's "Bean Town" and peppers are also coming along nicely. It's that time when everything has started taking off on its own, and the long winter we thought would never end finally starts to fade away from our memories.