May 22, 2013


Pesto! I love it. It makes almost any dish better, it freezes well, and you don't need an exact recipe to make it perfectly. I just bought my first bulk container of basil of the year, and used every single leaf of it to make classic pesto.

The first time I made this, I basically followed these guidelines for classic pesto genovese (and I highly recommend that book for fellow pasta snobs). But, I used almonds instead of pine nuts (so much less expensive), more garlic, and less cheese. It's my go-to "recipe" for classic pesto now.

Except, I rarely make classic pesto. It's so flexible, I usually end up making some weird version with whatever I have on-hand: arugula pesto if I've bought too much and it's starting to turn, weird-herb-combo pesto (like this cilantro-tarragon pesto - great on fajitas and in stirfry), and even forager pesto (with greens from my garden and yard).