May 18, 2012


Top: A bird (or some other species of asshole) clipped off a bit of my chocolate mint plant about a week ago. I put it in water and willed it's infamous runner roots to take hold. Success! (For the time being.) Yesterday I transplanted it to a peat pot. We'll see.

Middle: The first fruits of our labor. Puns!

Bottom:  The North Plot. Here it is a month ago, and here it is six weeks ago.

Two weeks ago I thinned out the Swiss chard and beets. That was some Sophie's Choice shit. But it has to be done, or else the seedlings will start to compete for space and nutrients. The cilantro I reseeded seems to have taken hold, though those plants in general don't seem to thrive under my care. Whatevs. The basil though - hot damn! I've separated some of the clusters so they don't Sophie's Choice themselves, and it seems to have worked. The tomatoes I transplanted two weeks ago are thriving now.

Also. I got fed up with taking care of the "adorably and infuriatingly tiny" spearmint plants as they continued to take their sweet time. So I planted them in the dead space around the rosemary (in the bottom right of the bottom photo), and kind of gave up on them. Of course, now they're beginning to thrive. And yes, I know that the one thing you're not supposed to plant in the ground is mint. That it grows perennially like weeds, takes over beds, and can't be stopped. But guess what, naysayers? One - this is a rental, and I probably won't be here forever. So, it won't be my problem. Two - is it a problem? To have mint that grows like grass? How is grass even better than mint? You can't make mojitos with grass, I'll tell you that much. It makes me want to have a meadow of mint behind the next home I own.

I'll get off of my ridiculous minty soapbox now. Have a great weekend, everyone.