May 22, 2012


Last week, I surprised Micah with a simple charcoal grill. I claimed it was to celebrate his first anniversary in Durham, but since that's still a month away, I think he suspected the truth: that I just want him to grill all of our meals for the rest of the summer.

On Saturday we started with kebobs full of veggies and kielbasa, packet potatoes, and corn on the cob, slathered with jalapeno butter. We loved it so much that we recreated it almost exactly the next day, but with different kinds of marinated shrimp. Amazing. We're now completely obsessed and open to any and all grill-based meal recommendations.

As with most things I love, the power of grilling is in the process. Dudes seem to absorb serious man-pleasure from all aspects of preparing and managing their grills, and I seem to absorb serious lady-pleasure from hanging out in the backyard for hours, drinking beers and "supervising." The food is almost just a byproduct. A perfectly charred byproduct, slathered in jalapeno butter. Win-win.