May 30, 2012


Lately I've been trying to prepare food that can be used over a few days: basic meal components with endless permutation possibilities, so lazy last-minute lunches/breakfasts/dinners can still be delicious and interesting and potentially more nutritious.

Case in point: I think I've perfected a go-to granola recipe. I took my own advice from this attempt, and now stick to a combination of oats, sunflower seeds, and nuts (this time, almonds). It's still my default summer breakfast, and it's been integrated into more than a few Weekend Breakfasts and desserts lately.

Also, now that we're grilling maniacs (more on that later), I've started adding a few skewers of seasoned veggies to the line-up to use for future pizzas/rice bowls/omelets.

I'm feeling pretty good about it right now. But I'm so aware of how pro-actively awesome I'm being, that the pre-made stuff is all I can think about when preparing meals, so I've been running through it way quicker than I normally would. A problem I don't mind having.