July 12, 2012


Above: the ceremony took place about a quarter-mile down the beach from our cabin, at Ashley's grandparents' cabin. My mother made the altar/arbor with cedar and spruce trimmings from the property.

I was so honored to be a part of Ashley and Nate's wedding celebration last weekend. Every aspect of the entire weekend was carefully considered, thoroughly planned, and heart-achingly thoughtful - just like Ashley. For example, our bridesmaid gifts were two-part: an old-school innertube with our names painted on them (she hunted down the exact kind we used to float around the lake in as children), and sexy white button-down men's shirts with our initials monogrammed on the cuff (for getting our hair and make-up done the day of, as well as for countless Risky Business moments in the privacy of our own homes).

Check out their photographer's first look at the wedding day - she did an amazing job of capturing the big moments, the little details, and everything in between.