March 21, 2012


Did you know it's good luck to plant on St. Patrick's Day? I didn't. But I'm a true believer now.

Because I planted a flat of salad greens and herb seeds on Saturday (top), and came home on Monday to sprouts (bottom). Arugula, people! Or rocket, if you're British, or roquette, if you're nasty. The basil started to poke through last night as well. This garden is happening.

I've already become a gloating new mother - tweeting growth updates, telling Micah "I think they look more like me than like you" and "Look how they tilt towards the sun! I have the smartest sprout babies ever" etc. It's obnoxious.

And I don't think it's going to stop anytime soon. At least not until they leave for college. Or, you know, die in the fall.