March 22, 2012


Yesterday I got my hair cut at Rock Paper Scissors. I've been going there pretty regularly since last fall, and I really like it. It's downtown, which is convenient to home and work. It's got that cool, eclectic vibe that I like my hair salons to have. And everyone who works there looks - and acts - like someone you'd want to hang out with. Oh - and they've done an excellent job helping me do whatever it is that I'm doing with my hair.

Plus, they offer complimentary home-brewed beer to of-age waiting patrons. Yeah. I had an E.S.B. yesterday, but Jenni (my stylist, who looks like she's tiny and standing in my beer while stirring it in the bottom photo) says in the past they've experimented with a blueberry hefeweizen and a jalapeno pale ale, among others. Yum.

Just thinking about it makes me want to go get my hair cut again today.