March 20, 2012


Whenever we're hungry for mass amounts of fresh, tasty, reasonably-priced food, we head to Nanataco. Even though it's technically outside of the 5-mile downtown Durham radius we seem to solely exist in.

The salsa bar is legit, the Futura-based branding sets my design-student heart on fire (though that "C" will always haunt me), and best of all, they have a section on their (very cool, hand-chalked) menu called "The Dirty Meats." Micah has thoroughly enjoyed both the pork butt and the house-made chorizo from said section. I've only stuck to veggie quesadillas so far (I call them "Mexican grilled cheeses"), but I need to branch out.

Maybe this summer. Their pretty paper-lantern-ed patio always beckons us to enjoy multiple fresh margaritas on it every time we pass by. Soon, patio. Soon.