March 8, 2012


Last weekend, Micah and I went to Raleigh for the day to celebrate our two-year anniversary.

We perused the Raleigh Farmer's Market. Bought some greens and apples. Contemplated our still-conceptual vegetable garden. Parked downtown. Walked around. Got caught in the beginnings of a St. Patty's Day-themed 8K. Perused Father And Sons, a midcentury-inclined antique store. Contemplated collecting disjointed mannequin parts. Sat outside at a Belgian cafe and sipped an Americano (me) and a beer (him). Had happy hour beers served in Ball jars at Beasely's Honey + Chicken. Enjoyed "Bartender's Choice" cocktails at Fox Liquor Bar. Talked about dream homes, upcoming vacations, the last two years. Devoured amazing burgers and fries at Chuck's. (Note: all three of those places are the delicious brainchildren of culinary design genius Ashley Christensen, and they are all now HIGHLY recommended.) Drove home. Spent the rest of the evening slipping in and out of food comas on an air-mattress palette on the living room floor. Watched movies into the night (I think. I don't remember. I blame the food comas).

It was the longest day ever, yet time flew by. A fitting tribute to the past two years.