March 15, 2012


Top: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich for brunch (last Saturday). That's right. Mimosas instantly make any meal into brunch.

Middle: Micah made me french toast with caramelized apples (and a champagne-less mimosa, aka orange juice) the morning I left on my business trip (Sunday). So sweet.

Bottom: When we ran out of champagne on Saturday, Micah mixed orange juice with the Champagne of Beers (aka High Life) to make what I dubbed a "manmosa." I thought I was being the most cleverest person ever by making that up, but Urban Dictionary confirms that I am indeed not the most cleverest person ever. Still an excellent drink name. And an excellent drink - reminiscent of the infamous Lunchbox at Edna's, for Oklahoma City-based readers familiar with the establishment (where Micah and I met, actually. Coincidence? I think not). Best served in a pint glass commemorating much better beer.